Abgel (Gelco Sponge)
Aero Mist (Nebulizer mask)
Aero Neb (Nebulizer mask)
Acp cannula
Air Bed
Alco swab
Ambu Bag Resuscitator Silicon
Asepto Pump
Baron frazier sizes:3,5&7
Bain Circuit
Blood Administration Set
Cameron (sterile camera cover for scopy)
Catheter Mount
Chest Drain Cath 16,20,24,28,32,36,40
Cee Tee cath 6,8,10,12,14,16
Centro Double lumen 5fr
Central Venous Catheter Duo 7fr
Central Venous Catheter Mono 5fr
Central Venous Catheter Trio 7fr
Colo Bag
Colostomy Kit
Corrugated Drainage Sheet
CVP Manometer
Dispo guard surgeon gown
Dispo Mask
Dispo cap
E.T. styllet small, medium, large
E.t. tube cuffed size: 5.0 to 10.0
E.t. tube Plain size:2.0 to 5.0
Ecg electrodes kenny 1800
Ecg electrodes kenny 3000
Electronic B.P.Apparatus
Epidural catheter 16 & 18
Epi sure 16 & 18
Epidural Minipack Sys I 16 & 18
Epidural Needle Sizes :16 & 18
Feeding bag
Examination Gloves s,m,l
Feedy 5,6,7,8,9,10 (Infant Feeding Tube)
Finger Pulse Oxymeter pul&02 sat chk
Flexi Mask (Oxygen Mask)
Flexiocath 16 to 40
Gastrolene 12,14,16
Flexo metallic E.T Tubes (Reinforced)
Foleys catheter Foley Trac 12,14,16,18
Guedel Airways Sizes : 0,1,2,3,4
High Concentration Oxygen Mask
I-Shield ( Sfety goggles
HIV Kit for Dr,Staffs& Patient
Hot/Cold Gel pack
I.V. Cannula Intraflon
I.V. Set Regular
I.V. Set Tranflow 'Y' injection port
I.V. Set Vented
Infant feeding tube Sizes:5,6,7,8,9,10
Intra CathI.V.cannula 16,18,20,22
Intra CathI.V.cannula 24
Intra Shield Cannula Fixator
Kehrs T Tube Sizes:10,12,14,16,18
Kenpore (Paper Plaster)
Klik clamp
Leg Bag set
Male Cath Small, Medium,Large
Malecot catheter 10,12,14,16,18
Medel check
Medi cap
Measurexe 500 ml
Micro I.V. Set
Micro suction handle
Micron Neonate I.V.Cannula
Mini Vac Set Sizes :6 & 8
MVA kit plus (Menstrual Regulation Kit)
Mucus Extracter
Mucus Trap 20 ml
Nasopharyngeal Airway sizes:7.0,7.5,8.0,8.5
Nebulizer family 2 blue
Nebulizer Family Silver
Nelcath sizes:22,24
Nelcath sizes (Urethral Catheter)
Neo Cath 24G
Oxy Lock Adult & Child
Mother-Child band for identification
Oxy Set Twin Bore (Nasal Tube)
Pedia Drip Set
Peritonial Dialysis catheter set
Peritonial Dialysis Transfusion set
Pigtail with needle
Pressure Monitoring Line Size100,150,200cm
Pressure Monitoring Line Spiral
Protecto Paper Gloves (Non-Sterile)
Protecto Paper Gloves (Sterile)
Respirometer (Rebreathing Exerciser)
Resuscitator Spare Mask Silicone
Romo ADK (Abdominal Drainage Kit)
Romo Drain (ICD Bag)
Romo Drape 28 x 30
Romo Drape 28 x 45
Romo Drape 42 x 60
Romo Flow
Romo seal adult
Romo seal kid
Romo seal midi
Romo Vac Set Sizes : 10 & 12
Romo Vac Set Sizes : 14,16,18
Romofusor 500 & 1000 ml
Romolene (Ryles Tube)